Video Processing

Big Screen Media offer several different types of high end video processing units, which are commonly used for LED Screen scaling and scan conversion.

Barco Image Pro II

The Folsom Image Pro has become an industry standard when it comes to video processing for years. Now in its 3rd form- the Image Pro II has all the great features of the previous HD version, but now features 3G connectivity, LED Screen AOI support and embedded Web server for parameter adjust via iPads and Smartphones, making this an extremely versatile unit for live shows.

Our Image Pro II's are also fitted with the Dual Output card, this provides two independent scalers, so effectively, two completely different LED screens of different sizes and resolutions can be driven from just one unit. This not only makes a single unit more versatile, but also provides a far quicker ROI.

Folsom Image Pro HD

The Folsom Image Pro HD is the well known industry workhorse. Rarely known to 'miss a beat' these units are capable of taking anything in and putting anything out- just like their predecessor- the Image Pro II.