What we've done

Big Screen Media supplied a whopping 90 square metre LED Screen for the world's first 'Sail-in Cinema'.

Cowes Week is already a huge event, attracting thousands of spectators and participants from all over the world, for the 2011 event, PR company RPM and Whisky giant Talisker, wanted to add a little twist to the fireworks night finale. Adopting the popular 'American style Drive-in Movies' idea, they decided to create the world's first Sail-in Cinema, allowing boats of all sizes to drop anchor in the Solent and watch a film on the huge LED screen. The other issue was how to get the audio from the film to the boats with no delay. Audio from the film was sent to Cowes Radio via ISDN, this was then transmitted over FM, which could either be picked up by the boats' radios, or via little headsets Talisker had designed especially for the event.

"The whole concept worked incredibly well," said Olly Holcombe from RPM. "The feedback we have had has been fantastic, not to mention the press and media coverage on this world first. I would like to congratulate the team at Big Screen Media, for their continued hard work and support throughout this difficult project and their prompt and professional attitude towards the errection and operation of the screen."

The chosen film for the screening was The Master and Commander which was showed on the Friday night. The rest of the weekend, the screen displayed Event TV via Cable box.

The screen was constructed from 96 x panels of Lighthouse R10-ER,- weighing an impressive 4.7 Tonnes. Processing was via a LIP-HDI processor and Folsom Image-Pro. The screen strucutre was constructed from Slick GS and Maxibeam, utilising a 4 x tower configuration.