What we've done

Big Screen Media have had the honour of working within Harrods on a variety of projects for over four years. During this time, Big Screen Media have provided unique applications for each project. Naturally, for such a prestigious venue, the creative team in Harrods have very high expectations. As part of the lead up to Christmas, the store asked Big Screen Media to supply another bespoke screen solution to form part of The One & Only Resorts campaign.

The brief was to provided a double sided high resolution LED Screen, so effectively one side was viewed from the high street in Window 4 (Brompton Road) and the other from inside the store. Creating such a solution with traditional LED Displays would have been impossible in such a such a small space and also with limited power availability. However, Big Screen Media had the perfect solution using their latest 3mm Carbon Fibre product.

By designing a bespoke truss frame, that 'sat' inside the two LED Screens, Big Screen Media were able to create a double sided 3.5m wide x 2m High screen to place in the window, with a depth profile of just 1 Foot! The results were impressive and installation went very smoothly.

Harrods also needed a solution for Window 3 Bay, where they required 3 x High resolution displays, but they needed to cope with the natural external light for quality daytime viewing - something for which standard LCD and Plasma screens were not suitable due to reflection and low brightness levels. For the solution, BSM bought in NEC's latest 46" Full HD High Bright displays, which offer a huge 1500 NITS Brightness,- ideal for retail window displays. These were fitted landscape, one below the other on a Unicol 2 pole system.

Content on all screens have been driven by Pharos AVC Solid State Media players, which allows all content to be scheduled throughout the day and even allows screen level brightness drop at Sunset as to not distract motorists too much when driving at night.