What we've done

Retail LED Screen 1

Big Screen Media were approached by a large International Brand and Print agency to roll-out digital screens at a selection of UK and Ireland flagship retail stores. The agency or store cannot be named for sensitivity reasons.

The brief was to supply a compact but effective large-format digital signage solution for a selection of UK and Ireland flagship stores. BSM came up with the solution of 3mm LED and 70" LCD Displays on Unicol trolleys. The unique LED design, custom designed in-house utilising Unicol products and fabricated frames, enabled an ultra slimline and mobile solution to be created, which could be erected in just half an hour, utilising the ultra-light Glux IDsn3 High resolution LED product.

Working with digital signage solution and hardware provider Navaho a high-end media playback device was deployed at each site. The players were able to be mounted on the rear of the screen trolleys, creating a completely integrated solution which could be run from a single 13A socket. All sites were monitored via WAN, where campaigns could be remotely updated and health status could be monitored.

Retail LED Screen 2    Retail LED Screen 3