What we've done

Big Screen Media were commissioned by prestigious London department store Harrods to provide LED screens as part of their January/February window displays for 2011. The store Image team wanted a solution to promote their ‘Building Blocks’ window campaign, displaying various video clips and visuals across all 6 of the 4m x 2.5m screens. It was decided that Lighthouse R7-ER would be used as the slightly pixelated effect up close would fit in well with their ‘Pixels’ element.

In total 72 Panels of R7 we used for the display, with each screen having its own independent LIP-DX processor, with scaling done via Extron DVS-304s.

However, the biggest challenge was how to sync all 6 windows together in terms of content, so from a distance all windows would be running their content timelines perfectly in sync with no delays. Initially, it was thought that Hippo Critters would be used and synced over DMX, however, after discussions with London based Pharos Architectural Controls, the perfect playback solution was discovered in the form of their new AVC compact media server. The compact units act as 2 x DVD players and a Vision mixer effectively, so content can be seamlessly played back. The units also incorporate full Ethernet control, which was how all 6 units would be synchronised together. Pharos Controls worked closely with BSM to custom write time triggers and automated shutdowns to run seamlessly throughout the 3 month installation, which has worked perfectly since it was commissioned.

Technical Director and Project Manager for Big Screen Media Ltd, Alex Hall said: "It’s fantastic to be approached by one of the world’s most famous department stores and be supplying something which is to be a major part of the store's window displays.

"This is the second time we have supplied LED screens in Harrods now and the store is keen to continue working with us in future. Such prestigious contracts do not come around all the time, so we are very privileged to be working with them."